Headframe Technology allows us to give our clients best in class service with realtime hashrate switching, low fees and high reliability on the platform.

Alex Lifits
Alex Lifits
GetsMine CEO

Our amazing features

Hosted Mining

Give clients best results with no hassle with a hosted mining aprroach. Sell BTC on client wallet, not ASIC.

With Headframe Hashrate Transfer tech, you can sell ASICs already installed in hosting facility, and switch them to client accounts in realtime, without «wait for 24 hours».

Create any amount of transfers and split hashrate by % of total
Realtime hashrate transfers
Realtime hashrate graphs on clients accounts
Charge fees for hashrate transfers
Hosted Mining Hosted Mining
Your own mining pool Your own mining pool

Your own mining pool

With our SaaS platform, you can get you own proxy mining pool in 24 hours. Your get branding, daily FPPS payouts, built in customer support managed by Headframe team and full control over your clients.

Develop you mining business and leave all the tech and operational hassle to us.

Cloud Mining

Ready made solution to launch real cloud mining, with lightning fast hashrate switching and robust reporting.

Charge fees for each transfer individually
Control all your hashrate transfers from the dashboard
Create unlimited amount of hashrate transfers
Sell hashrate starting from 1TH
Cloud Mining

Power Generation

Companies of power generation industry have just begun to realize economic potential of digital currencies mining.

Headframe's Unique Solution

Headframe developed an automated solution for power generation companies, enabling a shift to a pay-as-you-go model without financial drawbacks

Liquidity Management Flexibility

Power generation companies can receive payment in any fiat currency at any time due to our liquidity management approach.

Collateral-backed Security

Undrawn amounts are backed by collateral, securing them at double the value for enhanced financial safety.

Security By Design

Compliant Personal Data Management

  • Local regulations compliance
  • Data deletion on request anytime
  • Separate database with controlled access

Fintech-grade Security Practices

  • Adherence to industry best practices
  • Preparedness for cryptocurrency regulation
  • Consistent security standards

Zero Trust Architecture

  • User identity check and validation
  • Continuous monitoring of user behavior
  • Access policy enforcement no exceptions

Secure Cloud

  • AICPA SOC, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001 compliance across data centers
  • Prevention of third-party access to data
  • Fault-tolerant cloud services with multiple data backup layers
Developers Ready

Developers Ready

Control every aspect of your new products through our battle tested API. Integrate in any already launched mobile or web apps or created new one with custom frontend base on our robust backend tech.

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